Our Guiding Priorities

The pride of Right Vote Leoni has always been the selection of candidates that are aware of the very specific issues at the core of our township and have shown extreme interest in personally taking on these challenges. In order to be as focused as possible in this mission, we asked the candidates to come up with a selection of priorities that they believe, if managed properly, will best benefit every citizen in the township.

If elected, these are the initiatives these candidates will handle with vigor and compassion:
  • Prioritizing Public Infrastructure
  • Empowering Small Business
  • Strengthening Our Proud Community
  • Maintaining a Principled Administration

REBUILDING THE TOWNSHIPPrioritize Public Infrastructure

INFRASTRUCTUREInvest in Repairing and Maintaining Roads

Occasionally, the wheels of government move quite slowly and the County, or State, may fail to provide the appropriate funding for road management. It's also no secret that many of the roads in Leoni Township are either damaged or deteriorating. This discrepancy is at the forefront of the candidates minds and they are enthusiastic they can handle the challenge of repairing our roads in creative ways. Most importantly, they would like to avoid a millage, if possible, by diverting a portion of the funds received from taxes on the marijuana industry in combination with leveraging grants that may be available through Jackson County.

INFRASTRUCTUREEssential Upgrades for the Waste Water Treatment Plant

Our waste water treatment plant is currently in a state of disrepair and is approaching the end of its usable life. The current administration is focused on the necessary course of action of handling this delicate issue with grace and these candidates, some of which are currently on the board, plan to continue seeing this action through. More specifically, they intend to leverage their knowledge in order to ensure the waste water treatment plant is engineered to modern standards and done so in the most transparent way possible.

INFRASTRUCTUREWork Towards a Regional Water Authority

The SRI lawsuit, involving the waste sewage plant, has been an ongoing issue within the halls of Leoni Township for many years. The current administration has made resolving this lawsuit a primary goal in order to move forward the possibility of a Southwest Michigan Regional Utility Authority. Several of the candidates Right Vote Leoni is recommending have been instrumental in positioning Leoni Township to prepare for this regional authority and all of the candidates hope to solve this intricate matter as soon as possible. If the regional authority is not established, and the Township continues sole maintenance of the plant and the plant fails, there is a high likelihood that the Township will be forced in bankruptcy.

GENERATING TAX REVENUEEmpowering Small Business

BUSINESSEncourage Small Business Investment Across All Sectors

Small business is the backbone of the American economy. As a number of the candidates Right Vote Leoni is recommending are or have been small business owners, it's of the utmost importance for them to do everything they can to support and encourage their fellow business owners. Their strategy will be to use their knowledge and leverage their massive network of similar business owners to find ways to bring new small businesses to Leoni Township, which in turn creates more local jobs and a higher tax revenue. This initiative will include any industry and any sector willing to invest in Leoni Township.

BUSINESSExpand Small Business Grant Opportunities

As long as the setting is harmonious with the community, small business should be welcomed anywhere they are willing to invest! Pledging support for these businesses and all the benefits they bring to our community is important to each and every one of the candidates Right Vote Leoni is recommending. If possible, they would like to pursue making Fifth Street apart of the Downtown Development Authority as an excellent starting point for this endeavor. In doing so, we can revitalize the downtown Michigan Center area with businesses we can all cherish. The candidates will also plan to look at expanding utility offerings and infrastructure upgrades in order to bring in larger businesses in the appropriate areas.

BUSINESSRedirect Marijuana Tax Revenue Towards Community Funds

Voters at the State level, the County level, and the Township level voted for the approval of marijuana. Leoni Township, as an outcome of embracing the marijuana industry, is set to begin collecting a substantial amount of tax revenue soon (the exact amount will be updated once it is known). With these funds, which will go directly to the Township's General Fund, the candidates Right Vote Leoni is supporting plan to invest into initiatives that will directly benefit the community as a whole. This will include setting aside certain amounts for road maintenance, parks and recreation, and small business grants.


COMMUNITYCommit to Making Leoni a Safe Place to Work and Live

A safe community thrives in all aspects of life, strengthening the livelihood of every individual in the neighborhood. The candidates recommended by Right Vote Leoni are 100% committed to local law enforcement and are ready to assist them in any way they can. With the right amount of law enforcement funding and support, the township will feel safe in knowing that their local police resources are their to protect them. The candidates are also eager to promote more outreach and activities between law enforcement and the citizens of the Township.

COMMUNITYUpdate the Michigan Center Lake Boat Launch

The Michigan Center Lake Boat Launch is currently not engineered to properly drain water away from high traffic areas. These candidates are dedicated to reengineering the Michigan Center boat launch in a manner that can help transport the additional drain water to the spillway on the other side of Fifth Street. This will dramatically decrease the water seen on the roads during high lake levels. Along with the boat launch, there will also be an effort to make any and all necessary upgrades to the lake dam a part of this initiative.

COMMUNITYEnforce the New Blight Ordinance

After many hours of ride-alongs with law enforcement, the current administration collaborated with Blackman Township to pass an ordinance to resolve the blight issue in our township. With the ordinance passed, we will look forward to enforcing it within reason. In order to enforce the blight ordinance, it will be necessary to work with both the property owners and law enforcement. With blight resolved, a cleaner township has the potential to attract both new businesses and residents.

ROOTED IN TRANSPARENCY AND PUBLIC TRUSTMaintaining a Principled Administration

ADMINISTRATIONContinue to Represent the Majority & Always Be Agenda Free

If the majority of the Leoni Township's voters support or disapprove of the larger issues at the core of township discussion, it is the duty of our elected officials to represent that majority with conviction, regardless of the feelings that official may have on the topic. Local politics have no room for personal agendas or for officials to benefit from potential vote outcomes. These candidates promise to you, the voter, that they will never put their personal feelings or agendas before the will of the majority.

ADMINISTRATIONUpdate Township Ordinances

A point of much contention throughout the last few years have been outdated ordinances that are either not clear in their conditions or don't do enough to promote emergent businesses within the Leoni borders. This eventually led to the current administration creating the Ordinance Committee to address some of these outdated ordinances and write new ones that are harmonious with the nature of our Township. If elected, the spirit of updating these ordinances will be at the forefront of these candidates minds and they intend to ensure that any additions make sense for the township as a whole.

ADMINISTRATIONPromote Further Government Transparency & Collaboration

Transparency is vital to the operations of any Government and in building that governments trust with its constituents. These candidates will do everything they can to promote the highest amount of transparency possible between the Township and you. This will be done through timely public notices, communications through social media, and various other outreach projects that allow the public to collaborate in the daunting process that is government. Additionally, these candidates would like to continue the very successful Zoom meetings to allow any resident to participate with the Board of Trustees, the Planning Commission, or any other public meeting, as allowed.
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